Canon Camera Memory Card Problems

Canon is one of the leading companies in the world. It is a multinational Japanese company which manufactures imaging and optical based products like Camera, printer, steppers, camcorders, and much more. 

Canon has manufactured its first digital camera in 1984. Till then there is a lot of advancement in Canon cameras. Canon cameras have a huge demand in the market. 


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Just like other cameras Canon camera also have a memory card. There are some common problems that a user faces with a memory card

This article will summarize the solution of some common problems related to a memory card. 

The speed of memory card- Sometimes it becomes necessary to transfer the data from the memory card to another storage device. Some users complaints that their memory card is running very low. This problem might be due to the speed rating. Every memory card has speed rating which indicates a speed during the transfer of data from memory card to another storage device. If the memory card has slow speeding rate then transferring the data will take longer time, to overcome this replace the card with new one. 

Sometimes formatting of memory card also works out for this. 

Damaged card- Memory card is a very small device and it is very to prone to damage. It can be damaged easily when it gets in touch with unusual temperature or when it gets immersed in water. To avoid any loss of data from this, a user should always keep a backup of his data. From data recovery software, a user can easily get its lost data. 

A memory card is locked- All memory cards have a lock along their sides. When a memory card is in lock position it will not store any data in it and it will instruct a user by a message indicating that a memory card is locked.  The solution for this problem is very simple, just unlock the memory card by a button on its side. If this doesn’t work. Toggle the switch three to four times and unlock it again. If still doesn’t work out, simply format the memory card. 

Error message- Sometimes an error message indicating that memory card cannot be used appears on the screen. This problem might have several reasons. The first basic step to solve this problem is to turn OFF the camera and remove the memory card. Wait for some time and insert it again and try again to take some photos. If this doesn’t work out, simply format the memory card. 

Missing files- Sometimes it happens that memory card is working properly, capturing all the pictures and videos but some files are missing from it. The only solution to this problem is the data recovery software. To recover the data simply run the memory card through the data recovery software. If this doesn’t work out, simply format the memory card. 


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