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Dell laptop is the product of Dell. Dell is one of the top technology company. The Dell laptop’s result enjoys high rating customer support.  These laptops are a good choice for the users.  

Dell laptops are the best laptops. There are various models with different costs of Dell laptops. Now, I am telling about the hardware problems of Dell laptops. If the users face some hardware problems in Dell Laptops. 

The hardware problems of Dell laptops- There are common hardware problems and their solutions in Dell laptops are.   

1.    Liquid spilled on Dell laptop- It is very easy to spill something on the Dell laptop and then the Dell laptop stopped working. Liquid spills are dangerous and unpredictable. In this condition, turn off the Dell laptop ASAP then remove the battery and do not use it until all internal parts of the laptop are inspected for liquid damage and it is possible the Dell laptop will work again after the user clean the damage.  

2.    Noisy  Dell laptop- In this case when the laptop is making noise while running. It is the reason of noisy laptop is the dirty fan. The dust particles stick on the fan including the heat sink and other parts like as motherboard and the other electrical part of the laptop, This dust blocks the smooth action of the fan directly and causing the fan to make noise. Then the user will clean his laptop completely by removing the motherboard from its place and also clean the fan and heat sink with a soft cloth.  

3.     Laptop’s dead- When Dell laptop does not turn on at all no matter what the user does. These are several possible scenarios. They may lead to this outcome including the battery drain fully, may be the DC jack has to be replaced. It makes no contact with the motherboard and the worst scenario by far is the one with failed motherboard. In this case, The user just goes and buy himself a new Dell laptop.   

4.    RAM Faults and Errors- When the RAM fault will occur his Dell laptop’s display shows a blue screen with memory reference like x000xxxx as a boot interruption, RAM faults cannot be prevented but the user can fix them. There may be frequent the Dell laptop restarts. It is due to faulty RAM chips. The faulty RAM chips are unable to store the boot loader or NT loader file. The operating system cannot find it. It shuts down all the processes, due to no availability of the bootloader file in RAM, as a result, the Dell laptop restarts again and again. The user will fix this type of problem by replacing the old RAM with a new one. The user must know the model compatibility of the user motherboard before buying a new RAM may be DDR, DDR2, DDR3. 

If the users want to more about Dell laptops then they can contact with Dell Support Number or visit

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