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Norton Antivirus is a computer security software. This security software developed by Symantec Corporation and it is a part of Norton family. This security antivirus is a good security product of Norton. Norton Security antivirus uses heuristics and signatures to identify the virus. This software has designed for Mac Operating System and  Microsoft Windows. Norton antivirus is also available for mobile security.  

Norton antivirus uses for email spam filtering and phishing protection.  This is the best security antivirus that is mostly used for pc. Norton antivirus also uses for web security. Malware and virus are harmful to windows operating system. We will face many problems in our pc like a pc will work very slow, any software will not be working, etc.  In this condition, when the virus will attack in our computer. Then the system will perform very slow. After that, we will lose the data in our computer system. If we will face this type of problem many times then we will use this Norton antivirus on our pc. Sometimes we will face various types of problems during the use of this antivirus software. Now I want to tell about the problems of Norton antivirus.  

The  Problems of Norton Antivirus- There are various types of problems that we face many times during the use of Norton Antivirus. 

1.    Over Exuberant Firewall 

2.    Resource Hog 

3.    Market Position 

4.    Firefox 3 

5.    Uninstallation 

6.    Poor Windows 7 Upgrade Compatibility 

7.    Explorer Crashing 

8.    Installation Issues 

In this process, a very regular complaint with Norton Internet security is the way in which the firewall auto- configures itself for new applications. It is a setting and it can be enabled or disabled. The standard users will not aware of this or skip through the initial notification. In this condition to the issues with Explorer Crashing with hardware configuration and certain tasks, processor cycles and system  RAM will dominate by processes of the Norton antivirus and home security utility.  It is also one issue with Firefox than Norton Internet Security, problems with the Norton toolbar when the upgrade for the new release of the browser. When we use Norton Internet Security. If we will planning to remove NIS, we have a suitable removal tool for uninstalling this security software. Some users would consider software that we cannot remove the operating system tools.  

If the users want to get more information about Norton antivirus software then they can contact with Norton Support Number for help and to visit

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